• Client feedback survey
  • Market feedback survey
  • Client and market perception analysis
  • Market and thematic research
  • Employee engagement, wellbeing, and EDI surveys
  • Supply chain and partner survey

Few businesses understand what their key stakeholders really think and feel, but they can all offer valuable insight. Unearthing this is what we do.

Skilled, independent, tactful, probing, perceptive – our team of senior researchers delve deeper to draw out the type of unvarnished insight that’s always hard to obtain directly.

We're also experts in the built environment and professional services so we know how to speak real estate, architecture, planning and construction.

What we do

Customer satisfaction

Client feedback surveys

Our bespoke client feedback survey process is designed to arm you with high quality, first-hand information on which to base decisions that enhance the success of your business. It can also help you meet ISO 9001 requirements or support an acquisition referencing process.

Market position and opportunity

Market feedback surveys

A process to establish market position, gathering feedback from clients, prospects, contacts, co-consultants and influencers. This can also be combined with an employee survey to provide a 360-degree view.

Drive future growth

Delving into relationships

Gathering client and market insight to establish how you are performing, where you excel, room for improvement, how you stand out, why you win new work, and why you don't. All to support client retention, encourage repeat business and attract new prospects, setting you up for success and helping you achieve your business goals.

Showcase your expertise

Market and thematic research

We undertake market and thematic research, and manage opinion polls to help clients create stand-out content that raises profile and engages audiences in a strategic and meaningful way. Whether you are exploring white papers, reports, guidance notes or thought leadership content, we create material that helps you stand out from the crowd. We're also built environment specialists so we understand market sectors and the wider industry.

Uncovering employee sentiment

Employee engagement, wellbeing and EDI surveys

Our employee surveys are designed to gauge sentiment, uncover issues, identify areas to improve and gather opinion, whether for an office move or hybrid working. As an independent third party, we elicit more honest feedback. We also engage teams to establish equality, diversity and inclusion.

How healthy is your supply chain

Supply chain and partner surveys

Your partners, suppliers, consultants and sub-contractors are often the face of your business. How you work together and how they behave impacts your business’ reputation, profile and bottom line. Understanding and enhancing those relationships can support your success.

Our team

Managing Director

Sophie Eastwood

Associate Director

Nicola Hanser

Associate Director

Lisa Northcott

Associate Director

Kim Taylor