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We’re Holistic Insight – a leading engagement consultancy for built environment and professional services companies. We arm you with the knowledge and insight you need to transform your business. Working with business leaders, BD, marketing and people teams, we evaluate the relationships that matter most. Internally, we test employee engagement and wellbeing, provide insight for office moves or hybrid working and establish EDI metrics. Externally, we engage clients and the wider market to examine reputation, establish market position, uncover new opportunities, test acquisitions or inform brand strategies. We also undertake thematic research for white papers, reports and thought leadership.

Customer satisfaction

Client feedback surveys

Our client feedback surveys are centred on meaningful, comprehensive feedback. They are designed specifically to uncover the insights that will benefit your business. For us, insight is not just about data analysis and measurement, but how people feel and what they value.

We take the time to understand your business, set clear objectives and craft questions. We want to learn what you want to know and why, and we can add the benefit of our experience too. We help identify who to interview and how many to engage, depending on the size and complexity of your business and your objective. In our experience, telephone or face-to-face surveys bring the most value. They allow us to make a connection and have a conversation, delving deeper. Being built environment specialists also means we understand the market and speak the language.

The benefits: at a business level – reputation, market position, customer satisfaction, net promoter score, ISO9001, what clients value, what informs their decisions, strengths, areas to improve, scope to offer more – everything that drives future decisions that enhance your business success. At a project level – performance, where you excel and how you can improve. Ask your management team the same questions to gauge the perception gap at the same time.

Engaging, conversing, analysing, unearthing.

Market position and opportunity

Market feedback surveys

Understanding your market position can help uncover opportunities for new business while also unearthing any misconceptions or reputational issues.

We typically talk to between 30 and 200+ individuals as part of this process. We speak to your clients, prospects, contacts, co-consultants and influencers. We often also undertake an employee survey to provide a 360-degree view.

Depending on your objectives, we can also undertake an analysis that reviews your bids, marketing collateral and digital presence alongside that of your key competitors, established through the survey work. This can then feed into sales and marketing and communications strategies, future positioning and key messages that help you stand out.

Drive future growth

Delving into relationships

Speaking to a mix of clients and key stakeholders across the wider market, we establish how you are performing, explore customer satisfaction, establish a net promoter score and unearth ways to take your business to a new level.

We also uncover potential for the future. Business-wide, we can explore new services, sectors or regions, identify opportunities for new work or relationships that can be harnessed. In specific sectors, we can examine scope for market penetration. We also support business acquisitions through client referencing and benchmarking.

We present analysis, insight, conclusions and recommendations. As specialists in the built environment as well as experienced communications professionals, we are skilled at translating findings into actionable insight. And we know that clients value being asked for their opinions – it doesn’t happen as much as you’d think.

We often then help develop marketing communications strategies: vision, mission, values, positioning, key messages, objectives, tactics and the best channels to optimise PR and marketing. We also create testimonials from our engagement to support business development and marketing efforts.

Showcase your expertise

Market and thematic research

For clients looking to demonstrate their expertise through thought leadership, thematic content or market research and opinion, we help not only gather the right data, research and insights, we also have skilled writers in our team who can write pieces for PR, digital channels or marketing purposes.

We host round table discussions, helping to develop the agenda, facilitating on the day and writing up discussions afterwards.

Whether you’re exploring white papers, reports, guidance notes or thought leadership articles, we create material that helps you stand out from the crowd. We’re also built environment specialists so we understand the market and its stakeholders.

Uncovering employee sentiment

Employee engagement, wellbeing and EDI surveys

Your people are your greatest asset and we help you engage with them in a meaningful way so you can retain, nurture and care for your talent, enhancing your employer brand in the process.

We use online, telephone or face-to-face methods, or a combination, to provide quantitative and qualitative data. We repeat surveys at regular intervals to establish benchmarks and set the basis for an overall engagement score.

Working with board directors, people teams and external HR consultants, we develop a set of questions and manage the process. As an independent third party, we elicit more open and honest feedback to help you improve. We also establish equality, diversity and inclusion metrics.

Our work delivers insight into engagement, job satisfaction, remuneration, benefits, management, team performance and wellbeing. It can also test flexible working strategies or changes to structure, and inform workplace redesign or relocation.

How healthy is your supply chain

Supply chain and partner surveys

Some businesses rely on a strong supply chain for their client project delivery, satisfaction and success. Their behaviours and values reflect your business and impact its reputation, profile and bottom line.

We engage with your partners, suppliers, consultants and sub-contractors via a mix of telephone and online engagement to understand the health of your working relationship, uncover any issues, establish where better support or resources might be needed and identify how to improve future collaboration.

This process often leads to better relationships, more open communication and better collaboration as well as new business or partnership opportunities.

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