Sophie Eastwood

Introducing Holistic Insight

As the founder and managing director of Holistic Insight, and on behalf of our talented team, I am delighted to share our brand-new look. We exist to help our clients grow and develop, setting them up for success. It’s why we’re here and a positive purpose that we relish.

In our survey and research work, that means delivering insight as well as being holistic, from the briefing stage right through to the results and analysis, breaking down the detail to deliver value in all areas, while giving the bigger picture. Hence the name.

It also means being careful in our work, in our attention to detail, in how we represent our clients and their brands, and in our approach, meticulous as well as personable, to ensure the best result from every engagement.

So our new look is designed to be bright and clear, like our insights. Our new website also tells you about our approach. It highlights our key difference – our senior team comes from a professional communications background, which means everything has a purpose driven by business goals. By nature, it also means that we are strategic – questioning, probing, delving deeper – and passionate about people and the relationships we develop with those we support.

Whether our clients want to understand what their customers, employees and other key stakeholders truly think about their business, or how best to penetrate their market or test a potential merger or acquisition, we unearth the full story.