Asking the right questions

When starting any survey, whether it’s with employees, clients, co-consultants or your partners and supply chain, the first step is to identify the objectives. Why are you doing the survey, what do you really want to learn from the exercise and why are you doing it now

Then come the questions. You need the right amount and mix to get to the heart of the matter as well as the open, closed and scoring questions to deliver the right balance of qualitative and quantitative data.

For clients, you might want to know how they rate your service, approach and team; how they perceive you and your reputation; what else you could offer and where; and what your net promoter score says about your growth prospects.

For employees, how well do they feel you are looking after their health and wellbeing, particularly relevant at the moment; or perhaps you are evaluating how you might work in future, what level of flexible working you offer and how you use your office. Maybe you want to know if they understand your vision; whether they think they get a fair deal and value the appraisal process; and how effectively they work with their line managers and team members.

For partners or your supply chain, how well do you work together, what could be improved, do they feel supported, engaged, part of your team and so on? What work do they prefer, how are they evolving and how can that help your business?

Whoever you are engaging, we recommend talking to people wherever possible, over the phone, in person or over Zoom. If you can’t do this for practical reasons, a hybrid approach that combines email and a more interactive method is worth considering. Conversations are so much more productive.