Paye Stonework and Restoration

360° research

In early 2021, Holistic Insight was appointed by Paye Stonework and Restoration - one of the company's largest and longest-established contractors working in the heritage sector - to undertake a  360° research project to reposition its business and service offering.


360° research project

Our research aimed to establish how clients, consultants and subcontractors view Paye. We identified the company’s strengths, areas of improvement and uncovered potential growth opportunities. We investigated why staff and clients choose to work with them, and established a measure of its external and internal reputation based on the feedback.


Gathering feedback

We spoke with over 40 of Paye’s clients and consultants, including leading firms such as MACE, Sir Robert McAlpine and Kier Construction.

Internally, we delivered a survey to Paye employees, asking a variety of questions about internal communications and perception, which we now undertake annually.

We also spoke to a group of key subcontractors, who are considered a key part of the Paye team, to gather their feedback.


Presenting our findings

Following the research and analysis process, we presented our findings to senior management and then the wider Paye team of over 150 employees. This research then informed key business decisions to drive improvement as well as key messages and both internal and external communications strategies for Paye.