Understanding employee engagement

Employee engagement has never been more important. Supporting their health and wellbeing is now a top priority. The only way to understand how employees are faring and get to the heart of what they need to stay engaged is to ask them.

An email survey is an obvious route but you might also want to include calls or ‘meetings’ with team members, perhaps your senior team, to allow for conversations that deliver more insight. As well as providing invaluable data, the engagement process shows your commitment to supporting employees through every stage of their careers and indeed their life.

Harnessing the opportunity to ‘check in’ also allows you to plan for the future. How will you work, will you continue to operate a hybrid model, would a four-day week work for your business? At a business level, where do they see the company going in the years to come? Are they excited about where the business is going? Do they understand the part they can play?

In terms of the wider team, do they get the management support they need? As an employer with a pastoral care role, do they feel you are doing enough? What else could you be doing?

Whilst businesses cannot control the impact of external measures, they can feel empowered to take control and re-evaluate the employee experience, reshaping internal communications and business strategies as a result. Establishing what your staff need now is essential in keeping a happy, engaged and focused team well into the future.