98% of clients will willingly give feedback

Here at Holistic Insight, we undertake telephone interviews with clients every day. There is often a perception that clients won’t engage and that they will feel put out if asked to speak to us on behalf of one of their consultants.

However, clients are much more receptive than you might think. They want to share their experiences and provide feedback, especially if it improves the service they receive and makes their lives easier.

We’ve worked with a consultant at the top of their game since 2014, interviewing their clients every 12-18 months. The feedback is always hugely positive, but they still continue to engage so they can sustain their market leading position. It’s a crucial part of their business strategy, to preserve their reputation by offering the best possible service – and checking that the client experience reflects that. And the clients want to engage.

For another consultant, we recently undertook a telephone feedback exercise with 70 clients – only three declined. The feedback has been invaluable for their business and the development of their offer, and it led to over 20 new business opportunities too.

Get in touch if we can help your business get to the heart of what your clients think about you.