How often should you gather client feedback?

In our experience, most established SME businesses seek client feedback every 2-3 years. They want enough meaningful feedback on which to act, and then time to make improvements before engaging with clients again, especially if they are the same individuals and companies each time.

Larger businesses with multiple divisions, regions or profit centres often separate out their feedback, undertaking them as smaller individual projects that can be combined to give a bigger picture.

Businesses that have undergone or planning significant change, such as mergers or acquisitions, might use such an event to seek feedback and to help inform how they can ensure clients feel secure and respond well to the change.

Those with ISO 9001 certification will need to undergo a formal client satisfaction review every three years to secure their renewal.

Whatever your situation, always start with why you’re considering undertaking a survey – that will have a bearing on the type, scale and frequency and who you involve in the process.